On the Saturday morning in June 1974, the week school let out, the Maranatha Singers left on their second annual tour to present Celebrate Life! to the southwestern United States.  Suzie R had her Instamatic handy, as the Singers gathed in the parking lot behind the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church.

Luggage, lunches and laughter.  Craig C in the brown coat looks on as Leslie L appears to be telling Lori G "Hey, the bus is here!"  Jeff B adjusts his cap.  Jim L in brown shorts and striped shirt, Earl J in the red sweater...Linda B in the green dress.  On the right, Colette J talks with Lisa H.
Mark L looks on as Bill L casts a shadow upon Jim C.  Craig G flashes a peace sign.
Mark C shows his owie.
Sally N sports a plaid bandanna, as Ron S wonders where the top of his head went.
Karen B and Alice M is behind her.

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