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Maranatha means "Come, O Lord"

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November 18, 2010
Mr Spencer.  Details here)

This Site is the internet presence of the members and friends of the Maranatha youth group minsitry of the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, in the San Francisco Bay area of California.  It serves to commemorate our time together in the past, present, and future.  It came about, in conjunction with our first reunion, in 1997.

Who are Maranatha Members and Friends?
Maranatha Members participated in the Maranatha youth group and/or choir during their high school years in the 1970s and 80s at "Menlo". Maranatha Friends were in leadership and authority roles during those years.

Our Mission Statement
In recognition of God's love and in celebration of life given and authored through His marvelous grace and mercy, Maranatha Members and Friends exist to provide opportunities for continued ministry and outreach.  Having been richly blessed through spiritual development and Christian relationships, we seek to serve Christ's kingdom through the ministries of music, fellowship, and witness.

Were You In Menlo Maranatha?
If you're tuning in now for the first time, send a letter or email.  We can add you to our Name List. Write to:

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Curt Cassingham

For Maranatha Members and Friends:
Suzie Rose
Karen (Blair) Irwin
Karen (Rutter) Weber
Alice (Mace) Nakanishi
Curt Cassingham (webmaster)

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